How To Nail Your Next Performance Review

It’s hard not to feel small going into a performance review. You feel like you’re being judged by the powers that be and, well, that’s because you are. But that doesn’t mean the outcome is out of your control. In fact, by taking a few proactive steps, you can turn your annual performance review into […]

From Work Nightmare to Dream Job: 3 Real-Life Success Stories

In my last post, we talked about starting the day with a key question and answering it. It’s what I call making a #DailyChoice. Sure, it may sound simple and a bit hippie-dippy, but stay with me. It actually has very pragmatic implications, even in those “I’m trapped in career hell!” situations. By making your […]

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What Kind of Day Will It Be? It’s Your Choice.

It’s advice we’ve heard since…forever: Take one day at a time. Frantic over a crazy-tight deadline? One day at a time. Managing an impossible boss? One day at a time. But how? Why? I’ve often thought to myself: Is this just feel-good mumbo jumbo? Because this sure as hell isn’t making me feel any better. Fortunately, […]

8 Smart Strategies For Thriving in a Toxic Workplace

In our last post, we covered the 7 signs of a toxic workplace. Now that you know that it’s not you but the circumstances, you can set out to fix the situation. For some of you, the suggestions below may work so well that you ultimately decide to stay. For others, these strategies are simply […]

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7 Signs of a Toxic Workplace (a.k.a., 7 Reasons Why You May Need to Get Out)

Let’s be honest:  Some jobs sap the life out of you. You know what I’m talking about: incredibly mind-numbing work. The constant pinging of gossip on Slack. Round-the-clock emails. Or heaven forbid, micro-managing CEOs, verbally abusive supervisors, back-stabbing coworkers, or mean-girl cliques. It’s enough to make you wake up every day and want to hide […]

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The Secret to SMART Goal Setting—and Why It’s Crucial to Your Career Success

Pop quiz: What do you have in common with elite athletes and leaders at top organizations? Answer: You’ve all got goals.   No matter what field you’re in—finance, art, law, or science— chances are, you want to grow professionally; this could mean taking on more responsibilities, earning more money, or simply doing better, more fulfilling […]

Exhausted? Need a Career Change?

The #1 Question to Help Transform your Career When clients first come to me this is usually what I hear: “I am exhausted. My job is toxic. I need to find a new job ASAP.” Sound familiar? They aren’t wrong. Their job is toxic, as it no longer brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, […]

Living in Fear Stalling your Career?

Have you ever been so scared to do something wrong that you just did nothing? Well, today I gave myself a Daily Choice™ to finally send out my first blog post. It has been an embarrassingly long time that I have been planning to send one out and a myriad of excuses of why I haven’t […]